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We can be heroes...

Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye
27 April 1992
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i'd give up forever to touch you

(you're the heaven that I'll ever be closest to)

I'll come to protect you....

As of 11 February 2010, my Livejournal became friends-only. If you want to be friended, read this, but make sure to read my friending policy first. If you want my fanfiction or other pursuits, read this entry. If you want my Fire Emblem 12 translation, you don't need to friend me--it's public.


I scream countless times at the top of my lungs the name of the dear one who gave me courage.

Name: Lindsay
Also known as: Jayden und Verwelkt (formerly), Hikaru Morinaga (currently)
Goes by: Jayden, Jay-dee, Aneki, Touga, Jieden, Jei-kun, Karu-kun, Mori, Heero
Born on: 27th April 1992
Occupation: Midorikawa Hikaru's #1 Diehard Fan; Customer service associate for Big Name Retail Company Here
Resides in: New Jersey, USA
Bats for: both teams
Status: in a relationship with Juni Utsunomiya; married to sarajayechan [5.29.2007] and also in an OT4 with cirrious and serpentofheart (wherein we are basically Fury/Levin/Sylvia/Tiltyu); Nathalia Barrio's Badass Seme; the Touga to xirysa's Akio and rethira's Saionji; the Chris Redfield to rethira's Albert Wesker; the Soma Cruz to rethira's Alucard.
Loves: Midorikawa Hikaru, Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese, languages, history, psychology, music, writing, reading, fanfiction, fandom, friends, German, anime, manga, Facebook, video games, seiyuu, Nintendo, hockey, a whole bunch of other stuff.
Hates: maths, hot weather, dresses, disrespect, bunch of other things
Current fandom[s]: Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing
Past fandoms: Sailor Moon, Pokemon, G Gundam, Legend of Zelda, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Godchild, Rurouni Kenshin, Smash Brothers, Fire Emblem
Dabbles in: Slayers, Fushigi Yuugi, Utena
Been in fandom since: 1998.
First fandom: Sailor Moon


Distant echoes of "Wo ai ni" lead me to you.

I write. A lot. Sometimes multiple times in a day. What do I write about? Fandom stuff. Why is it flocked? Because I talk about real life as well, and I'd prefer that the rest of the world doesn't know about it. I mostly babble about Weiss Kreuz, psychoanalyse Marth, post chat logs from Skype, and talk about whatever fic I'm working on right now. I also like memes. A lot. What else do I do... I fangirl a seiyuu named Midorikawa Hikaru (you know, the guy who voiced Heero Yuy, Marth, Tamahome, Schuldig, Zelgadis, and a whole bunch of others). No, really, I fangirl him a lot. There is a reason why my occupation is 'Midorikawa Hikaru's #1 Diehard Fan'. Seriously.

My favourite language in the whole world is Japanese, which I've been learning for nigh on thirteen years, and I've been rated as fluent in the spoken word and proficient in reading and writing it. I also love German, and languages in general, but Japanese will always be my first love. <3

If you plan on commenting on anything I write here, I would appreciate it if you respected my opinion. I love debates and discussion and meta and all that good stuff, but if you don't agree with something, let's have a civil discussion instead of something that smacks of, "Well I'm right and you're wrong." There are only two topics I forbid in my LJ, and they are religion and politics. Religion in a historical context or as it is in a book or anime or anything? Fine by me. But you believe what you believe, and I believe what I believe, so please respect my beliefs. Same thing with politics.

I am a pretty easygoing person and I LOVE META. Also, I tend to comment a lot, both in my own LJ and in others, so if it bothers you that I'll likely comment on a lot of your stuff, let me know and I'll, uh, make sure my comments are meaningful.

I do use filters. The two I use most often you don't have to worry about, because you will be added to them automatically--they basically just separate the communities from the journals on my flist to make it easier to read my friends page. The third one is by request only, and it's to see my real life stuff. So if you're friending me for fandom stuff, don't worry, you won't see my real life entries unless you want to. If you do, let me know and I'll add you! :3


Watched over and protected by you, I remember another miracle. 

About the current layout: The cover of the Fire Emblem Awakening 2013 calendar that Intelligent Systems is supposedly releasing. It features "Marth" and Krom, and as always I used a billion textures on it.

Stylesheet courtesy of fruitstyle, whose spreadsheets I will use forever and ever amen.

The song is Unheilig's "Helden".

Layout history [since I've been keeping track]:
V.1 Sue/Lilina [Fire Emblem 6]
V.2 "I Will Never Let You Fall" [Cain/Riff, Godchild; "I Will Never Let You Fall" by Jayden und Verwelkt]
V.3 "Seiyuu Love": Midorikawa Hikaru, Fukuyama Jun, and Hiyama Nobuyuki [Live Pastel Collection 2005]
V.4 Leon S. Kennedy [Resident Evil 4]
V.5 "You make me so hot" [Leon S. Kennedy, Resident Evil 4; "Hot" by Avril Lavigne]
V.6 "Heroes of the Underclass" [Fire Emblem 9; "Underclass Hero" by Sum 41]
V.7 "Without You" [Sora/Sunao, Sukisho!; "With You" by Sum 41]
V.8 "The day we met I lost my sanity" [Marth/Roy, SSBM; "Dreams Come True" by S.E.S.]
V.8.1 "Ever Since I" [Marth/Roy, SSBM; "Ever Since I" by Jayden und Verwelkt]
V.9 "Say It for Me" [Marth, SSBM; "Savin' Me" by Nickelback]
V.10 "I Charge Beyond the Sky" [Marth, Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi; "I Charge" by Jayden und Verwelkt] - made in commemoration of Fire Emblem 11's release
V.11 "Paradise Lost and Never Regained" [Cain/Riff, Godchild; "Forever After" by Paradise Lost]
V.12 "Take All You Can from Me" [Leon & Angela, Resident Evil: Degeneration; "Lilian" by +44]
V.13 "Please Just Save Me From This Darkness" [Serge, Chrono Cross; "Make This Go On Forever" by Snow Patrol]
V.14 "Here In Your Arms" [Marth/Roy, SSBM (Sims 2 version); "Here in Your Arms" by Hellogoodbye]
V.15 "She Heard Trumpets from a Military Band" [Lelouch & Nunnally vi Britannia, Code Geass; "Just a Dream" by Carrie Underwood]
V.16 "Are We Running Towards Death?" [Schwarz, Weiss Kreuz; "Beautiful Thieves" by AFI]
V.17 "Every Moment" [Mikage Souji, Shoujo Kakumei Utena; "Spigelbild" by Unheilig]
V.18 "I'd Give Up Forever" [Tamahome/Miaka, Fushigi Yuugi; "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls]
V.19 "Show Me Your Teeth" [Castlevania promo poster, Castlevania; "Teeth" by Lady Gaga]


To be alive is to love. That is what my heart whispers to me. 


She's a treasure I risked my life to acquire. Please engrave it on your soul, because I think that love will
always be our salvation.

Korsriddare "Daddy Kors" [stepfather]
Maria [stepsister]
Rein "Imouto"

graphics ffn fleeting

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Mood theme by miyabita13. Header, friends only, and user info pictures made in Photoshop by sailorvfan10. LJ layout by fruitstyle. Fire Emblem is not mine and belongs to its respective copyright holders. Song lyrics for "Helden" are owned by Unheilig and anyone associated with them; I did not write them. Lyrics under each profile section are from both of Tamahome's image songs and from Fushigi Yuugi's first season opening; don't own those either. Lyrics in sidebar headers ("This is me/hello, how are you?/I just wanted to say I'll never leave you") belong to sailorvfan10.
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