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[Fire Emblem Revelation] P.1.7. Chapter 6

Here's the look I went with in Revelation. I have other playthroughs using the same "character" and this is how I tell them apart. (Utilising the 9 save slots, I can marry three people in Conquest, three in Birthright, and three in Revelation, because I am also crazy.)

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honestly Xander is making it sound like I deserted OZ for the Gundams or something get over yourself, Xander I AM DOING THIS SO I DON'T HAVE TO CHOOSE but honestly it was easier just picking a side tbh

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[anime reviews] weiss kreuz kapitel, episode twelve: abschied

Previously on Weiss Kreuz
Previous episodes

Finally I've seen your faces. I'll come for your lives someday. And because Schuldig likes being dramatic, he jumps backwards out the broken window and into the night, probably back home to Crawford. There's probably a reward waiting for him, too.

So it seems like they finally remembered that Omi's, you know, hanging there, so Aya cuts him loose.
"Can you get up, Omi?" Aya asks, as they kneel on the floor together.
"But why? I'm a Takatori..."
"Omi, you aren't Takatori Mamoru. You're Tsukiyono Omi." And this is the look Aya gives him. He's not glaring! =D
And Omi gives him a look of love or whatever.



Hirofumi is driving along and sees Omi, so he attempts to run him over. Omi instead shoots an arrow through his windshield and, uh, kills Hirofumi. The car veers into the bridge railing and crashes, and Omi has some tears over it as he stares up at the moon.

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THIS EPISODE TOOK FOREVER mostly because, uh, yeah, I had to showcase Schuldig every five seconds, plus I had work and RL stuff in between.

Next episode...

Is probably going to be Aya centric, from what I can see from the previews. "I've lived for revenge since the night I lost everything." How poetic. Basically sums up Aya's character.

What do you have to look forward to in episode thirteen? This:

See you then!

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[anime reviews] weiss kreuz kapitel, episode eleven: abkunft

Past episodes

Previously on Weiss Kreuz...
So now Omi's crying and Hirofumi is crying and OHAI AYA AND KEN. They come bursting through the doors and Omi tells Hirofumi to run and then shoves him out of the way. He then takes Hirofumi's gun and points it at Ken and Aya, who probably think by now that Omi's lost all of his marbles.
WHAT THE FUCK, OMI? asks Aya, who is Deeply Concerned.
"Mamoru, I will see you again, right?" And with that, Hirofumi runs, probably off to Takatori. Ken attempts to run after him and Omi threatens to shoot.
"He's... He's my big brother."

Ken: O:
Omi: /falls to his knees and sobs

MEANWHILE, Yohji is driving Ouka back to Tokyo.
Ouka: Omi...
Yohji: :| Damn you, Omi!

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Next time on Weiss Kreuz...

I think you can guess who that Ferrari belongs to.

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[anime reviews] weiss kreuz kapitel, episode ten: bruder

Previous episodes.

Previously on Weiss Kreuz...
Masafumi drank some shit, turned into a tentacle monster that promptly tried to kill everyone and maybe, just maybe, he unleashed the Kraken. Schreient and Weiss fought, shit exploded and caught on fire, and we ended the episode with this, which left Jayden very happy indeed.

IN THIS EPISODE, we meet Takatori Hirofumi, the less faily of the Takatori siblings. Which says a lot, really. Hirofumi likes to hunt.

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On the next episode of Weiss Kreuz...

Ken: Omi is Hirofumi Takatori's younger brother? Does that make me his sister?
Yohji: I could've told you that.
Omi: Who am I? Who am I...? 24601!
Manx: I think we used that joke before.

oh all right let's have something that isn't from the outtakes.

Omi: My brother is a sadistic criminal!
Aya: You are not Takatori Mamoru. You are Tsukiyono Omi.

The first thing is actual dub dialogue and it made me laugh my arse off. Probably because of how Omi's VA says it. "My brother is a sadistic criminal omg!!!11"

oh and. There will be more pictures in episode eleven. Why? Do I even have to tell you why?

There is Schuldig. ;D

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[anime reviews] weiss kreuz kapitel, episode nine: schreient

Previous episodes

Apparently tinypic decided to delete some of my screens, so if anything in previous entries is broken, let me know and I'll reupload them on Photobucket.

Anyway! On to the review thing.

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[anime reviews] weiss kreuz kapitel, ending one: beautiful alone

Okay, so one of my favourite Weiss songs is Beautiful Alone, and as luck would have it, it's the first ending song for Kapitel. Which is where I heard it originally in the first place.

If you saw my review for Velvet Underworld, then you'll know this will be similar to that. There's only so much commentary I can give for an opening or an ending, so. I'm doing this just so all of my bases are covered.

I do not have the textless versions on my computer, and I didn't feel like screencapping from my DVDs, so just deal with the text for now.

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For previous Weiss Kreuz episodes, please visit here.

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[anime review] weiss kreuz kapitel, episode eight: raubtier

Previously on Weiss Kreuz Kapitel...
Weiss Kreuz Kapitel Episode Master List

Yeah, I was bored, okay?

Weiss Kreuz is the property of Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiss, and other people who are Not Me. I'm not being paid to do these reviews, because if I were, I'd've been fired after the first one. I'm doing this because I can.

You know the drill: spoilers, fangirls, pictures.

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That's not the last of Takatori Masafumi and his gaudy sweet dolls. We're just getting started, in fact. Plus a few things are going to get intertwined before Schreient's done. One of them gets involved with a member of Schwarz, another a member of Weiss, and the remaining two fight over Masafumi pretty much.


Get used to seeing Schwarz. Get used to Schreient, too, but Schwarz gets a bigger role towards the end. So. Yeah. You can bet your arse I'm gonna have lots of pics of Schuldig, because he is my favourite. There's gonna be a lot of Crawford too, for [personal profile] nuraya, because he's her favourite. So when our powers combine, you get Crawford/Schuldig awesome.

Overall, this episode is okay. I only like it because hurr Schwarz, but the plot of this one is pretty interesting, and we get to see how much of a bastard Takatori is, to the point where he doesn't care if Crawford disposes of Masafumi if he fucks up again. And Masafumi is his own son no less, so yeah, Takatori is a bastard and by the end I'm sure you'll be happy to see Aya shove his katana up Takatori's arse.

Next Episode:

My thoughts exactly.

Oh, and just before I leave, there's gonna be more of this in episode nine.

See you then!

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