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Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye
Previously on Weiss Kreuz...
OP1 - "Velvet Underworld": DW, LJ
#1 - Lockvogel: DW, LJ
#2 - Fort Laufen: DW, LJ
#3 - Paradies: DW, LJ
#4 - Verrat: DW, LJ
#5 - Schicksal: DW, LJ
#6 - Fräulein: DW, LJ

I'm looking forward to the day where I will need an entry just for the "Previously on Weiss Kreuz" segment because it got too long.

(It'll be a master list of all anime reviews, not just the Weiss Kreuz ones.)

Standard crap: spoilers, pics, fangirling.

Come out, come out wherever you are...Collapse )

Our first official appearance of Schreient.

And Schwarz. :D :D :D

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Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye

Previously on Weiss Kreuz...
OP1 - "Velvet Underworld": DW, LJ
#1 - Lockvogel: DW, LJ
#2 - Fort Laufen: DW, LJ
#3 - Paradies: DW, LJ
#4 - Verrat: DW, LJ
#5 - Schicksal: DW, LJ

Same old, same old.

Aww, they stole my freaking kidney!Collapse )

This is actually a pretty okay episode. We get to see that Aya's actually human and capable of, uh, speaking more than three words at a time. And we also get the only girl who lasts all fucking twenty-five episodes--she doesn't fade out of view or die or anything, so she is Important To The Plot. I like this episode because I like Sakura.

Next episode...
There's a kidnapping ring that is Scalps Lite basically, and it's the beginning of Omi's WHO AM I subplot. Yeah, the next few episodes have to do with Omi to a certain extent, which is okay because I like Omi. We'll be seeing more of Masafumi so don't forget about him, and also more Schreient. Schreient will be dealt with in more detail in episode eight, Raubtier, and episode nine, Schreient.

And episode eight is where you will finally meet Schwarz. But we need to go through episode seven first.

See you next episode!

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Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye
Previously on Weiss Kreuz...
OP1 - "Velvet Underworld": DW, LJ
#1 - Lockvogel: DW, LJ
#2 - Fort Laufen: DW, LJ
#3 - Paradies: DW, LJ
#4 - Verrat: DW, LJ

Spoilers, pics, yadda yadda.

Think maybe this should have been called 'Schadenfreude' instead.Collapse )

This is one of the few Weiss oriented episodes I love, possibly because Ken is so down to earth in it and fff this is where our little sub-arc comes into play, which eventually ends up becoming part of the main plot in the Eszett arc, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, we're a long ways off from that yet.

What's in store for episode six?
In this next episode, we get to meet Tomoe Sakura, the first girl to last more than one episode (aside from Ouka). Also we deal with that creepy "you wake up in an ice bath and find your kidney stolen" story. And we find out more about Aya's past.

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Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye
Previously on Weiss Kreuz...
OP1 - "Velvet Underworld": DW, LJ
#1 - Lockvogel: DW, LJ
#2 - Fort Laufen: DW, LJ
#3 - Paradies: DW, LJ

Spoilers, of course.

This place is hell too.Collapse )

I will be upfront about this: this is not my favourite episode. Aside from getting enough flashbacks every five seconds to give me whiplash, it's all expositional crap, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's the way it's set up. It's set up for these flashbacks. And while now we know that Ken was betrayed, well, Ken's the most normal out of Weiss--for now. It doesn't look like this affected him any. I don't know. It bothers me. Also, without Ken, Kase is just there. Before we find out he and Ken have a connection, Kase is just another bad guy they're going to kill.


What's next episode about?
Schicksal, aka "that Freude episode", featuring Yuriko. Don't get too attached--like all girls involved with Weiss, she's only here for one episode before leaving it. Can't say I blame her. That's episode five.

How many more episodes until Schwarz?
They appear in episode eight, so three more to go.

Are you really going to do all twenty-five episodes?
Yes. I've been tempted to just do the Schwarz ones but meh. That's no fun. You want an honest impression of this series from me, I gotta go all the way.

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Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye
Episode 1: Lockvogel - DW, LJ
Episode 2: Fort Laufen - DW, LJ
Episode 3: Paradies - DW, LJ

In case you didn't know Weiss Kreuz has two opening themes. I do believe the first one is "Velvet Underworld", and regardless it's not a song that I particularly care for. The second opening is "Piece of Heaven", which I love. This is the first opening.

No spoilers here, but it is image heavy because, well, it's an opening. What else would there be?

Welcome to the underworld.Collapse )

There is a distinct lack of Schwarz :< But overall, not a bad opening montage.

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Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye
Previous episodes:
#1 - Lockvogel: DW, LJ
#2 - Fort Laufen: DW, LJ

As per usual, spoilers, fangirling, lots of pictures. Also, not sure if you guys knew (or cared), but I'm reviewing all of this while the sound is muted so I can, uh, pay some attention. Imagine trying to write something awesome and then I get distracted because OHAI SCHULDIG so yeah.

Paradise lost.Collapse )

There wasn't really much to nitpick in this episode (which is probably a good thing), and it's nice that we get a glimpse into a past that isn't Aya's. I don't watch this episode often or most of Weiss Kreuz often because I am only here for Schwarz, but it's nice to revisit the whole thing every once in a while, because then you pick up things you didn't notice before, like all the exposition concerning Yohji that I will talk to you guys about when I do Gluhen.

This is, you know, a rather average episode, so there's really not that much to say about it.

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Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye
As mentioned in episode one, there are spoilers and also a lot of fangirling. If that's too much for you to handle, kindly make use of the exits to your left and right and leave. There are also a lot of pictures so uh yeah.

Read more...Collapse )

Overall this episode was interesting what with the Jun-Aya parallel aaaaand the introduction of the villain of this arc plus the leader of a really awesome team you will see a lot of in the future so don't you dare forget! I would say more, but I'm kind of tired (it takes me THREE HOURS to write these things!), so yeah.

What's happening in episode three?
We learn about Yohji's past.

Yeah not much to really talk about here. Later on I'll probably elaborate a little more on the stuff in this episode but probably not until after Kapitel.

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Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye

This is both a review and also a rather detailed synopsis of the episode, with my commentary mixed in. As a result, it has spoilers. If you have not seen Weiss Kreuz and don't want to be spoiled, don't click the cut. Otherwise, proceed ahead.

(There will also be screencaps because I am awesome like that.)

We're all trapped in the end.Collapse )

Dear god this took FOREVER.

Anyway. Lockvogel as an episode is kind of strange as the first episode. If it were the second or third episode, I'd be less confused, but it's the first episode and the focus isn't on our main characters--the majority of the episode was about Michiru and her quest to figure out the mystery surrounding her boyfriend's death. Weiss were in it, yes, but it seemed like they were secondary to Michiru, and for a show about these four undercover-as-florists-assassins, it's a little confusing, especially since there's no reference to Michiru in subsequent episodes. On the one hand, it makes you go, "Oh hey, these guys seem pretty cool, I want to keep watching to learn more about them." On the other hand, it makes you scratch your head and go, "Well, that's weird, this episode wasn't about the main characters at all!"

The other thing about Weiss Kreuz is that, though there is a somewhat cohesive storyline, you can watch the episodes individually and nothing of value is lost. I have seen Weiss Kreuz all the way through probably twice. I printed out a short episode summary, watched the series all the way through, and highlighted the episodes I was interested in--the ones with Schwarz--and skipped out on the 'unnecessary' ones. I still know the storyline because Schwarz are kind of important, especially after the Takatori arc is completed. The only things that get lost are the expositional episodes concerning Weiss, but all of those happen towards the beginning to you can start skipping things after episode four.

I will probably say this in my overview of the last episode for Kapitel, but Weiss Kreuz is a story with flaws and holes you can drive a semi-truck through. It's not really well-written by any stretch. Is it enjoyable? I feel so. Is it worth watching at least once? I think so--my brother did not. I think it depends on what your expectations are. You shouldn't expect this to be the greatest anime in the world, because it isn't. If it were to be remade, it'd have to be redone, and everything would have to be rewritten and plot holes filled up.

You also have to take into consideration as to why Koyasu created Weiss Kreuz in the first place. He pitched it as a show where he and his buddies could showcase their talent. He wanted a show wherein he could show the world I AM AWESOME AND SO ARE MY BUDDIES HIRE US PLEASE. Obviously you need a story, so he created a story about four guys who were florists by day and assassins by night, gave them some angsty backstories and gave us some interesting villains. It's a shallow series.

Do I think it's worth going beyond Lockvogel? Yes. Why? Because I know there are some good episodes coming up. Weiss meets a bodyguard team. Whoopee, right? We're talking psychic bodyguards. Oh, that's interesting. And while I could easily just tell you what episodes Schwarz show up in and you can squee with me, that's not exactly fair. Even I realise that, and I am Team Schwarz all the way. Experience the whole package once or twice, and then start sampling your favourites later on.

Besides, I could have just originally watched all the Schwarz episodes, because I only watch my anime for Midorikawa Hikaru anyway. I watched the whole thing so I could say, "Yeah, I watched Weiss Kreuz," instead of saying, "Yeah, I only watched the episodes with Midorikawa in them." And I ended up loving the show anyway.

What's in store for episode two?
We are introduced to the reason why Aya is apart of Weiss--well some of the reason--and we are introduced to the reason why the first half of Kapitel is called the "Takatori Reiji Arc", and get to meet one of Takatori's specialist bodyguards. He wears a suit and glasses and he can see the future. And also kick Aya's ass.

Episode two is rather interesting because it creates a parallel between a boy named Jun and Aya. Jun has a sick sister who spends all her time in a hospital due to her illness. He visits her every day because he is an extremely doting older brother. Naturally her being in the hospital all the time means lots of money, and he can't pay her hospital bills. So he turns to Fight Club-esque places where he earns money to kill other people. It doesn't go so well for him. Aya both sees himself in Jun and hopes he doesn't become him, because, like Jun, he cannot afford to lose.

Unfortunately for Jun, he loses, because he didn't think what would happen to my sister?

What else?
Animation snarking.

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Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye
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