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11 February 2012 @ 06:19 pm
Friending Policy  
I hope that you see right through my walls
I hope that you catch me 'cause I'm already falling
I'll never let our love get so close
You put your arms around me and I'm home -- Christina Perri, "Arms"

Welcome to the journal of Jayden und Verwelkt/sailorvfan10. This journal has become friends locked as of February 11, 2010 and these rules amended on July 5th, 2011, which means in order to see my journal entries, you need to become one of the Elite. Or, rather, I need to have a mutual 'friendship' with you. And since the stuff under lock and key is of the variety I don't really like to show many people, I'm gonna be a lot harder than I used to be.

The most important fact here is that this is my journal. This is my playground, my sandbox. Not yours. You have your own. I state my opinions--however strong--and my hopes, dreams, plans for the future, snippets of works in progress, etc. here. You do not have to agree with everything I write here, but there is one thing I expect.

Rule #1 - Aretha Franklin had it right when she sang "Respect". I expect this of everyone who thinks about commenting on my entries.

If you disagree, for the love of Elimine, be respectful and agree to disagree. I don't mind debates, but I want something intelligent and well thought out, not something like "Oh, well, I'm right and you're wrong, suck it!" Doing shit like that gets you banned. Well, it won't get you banned unless you cause chaos, but it won't get you friended. And if you have the habit of doing that in other people's journals, then I'm not about to let you do that in mine.

And since this is my LJ, I run the show here. I have the tendency to spam this thing. I won't be offended if you put me on a separate filter. I also won't be offended if you decide not to friend me.

I can be an open person when I want to be, but for the most part I like to keep things private. Please respect my privacy. If it's f-locked, it's f-locked for a reason. If I find out you're telling people what I'm writing about and it's flocked, you get defriended, no questions asked. I don't tolerate that kind of thing.

I can't stop people from friending me, but unless I know who you are or we have more than two things in common, don't expect me to add you back.

You do not have to friend me to see my fanfics--they are posted on FFN and deardisclaimer. My originals are all at nanami_j_jaye, my MSTs at juv_msts, and my Sims 2 stuff at the_versailles. My meta is posted on my DW (sailorvfan10) and is always public. If you're already on my flist here, don't worry, the stuff gets crossposted automatically.

Don't friend me just to increase your friends number, don't friend me just to see my flocked posts (trust me, you're not missing much). Friend me because you find me interesting or because you actually want to be my friend. It'd be nice if you commented every once in a while, too, but it's not a requirement. I don't comment a lot either, so don't feel pressured to write something on every entry. Also don't feel pressured to need to write long, well-written comments. You can just comment with "lol" or ":3" and it's fine.

I do friend cuts. If you are cut, don't cause drama over it. It's nothing personal, we just have nothing in common or we never talk or whatever. If you want an explanation, ask for one--more than likely it's because of the aforementioned reasons. Sometimes I just don't want you to read my flocked stuff anymore. Please respect my decision--we can still be friends, just not mutually friended on LJ.

I really don't like random friend adds that much, though like I said before, I can't exactly stop you. But it's more likely I'll friend you back if you comment first and we get to know each other. But it's not guaranteed you'll get a friend back even if you do comment here.

So if you're interested, comment on this entry and friend me and see if I reciprocate.

Added October 19th, 2011: In case you missed all the indications of a fangirl, I am a fangirl. Of many things. My fangirl-squee trigger button is Midorikawa Hikaru (this guy). If that bothers you, since that tends to be a large part of my posting activity (along with fandom babble), perhaps it'd be best if you didn't friend me, especially if you're going to bitch to me about it later on. I do utilise LJ cuts and tags, so you can just not click on them, but to each their own. Just thought I would give a heads up about this.
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